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Board Rules


The Postcrossing Forum's purpose is to be a platform for support and discussion of the Postcrossing project. Your participation in this Forum is expected to be done in a responsible and respectful way. Below is a summary followed by the complete list of what is expected from you when participating in this forum.
Note that by creating and using an account in this Forum, you are agreeing to Postcrossing's Terms of Service which apply to your use of the Forum as well.

Postcrossing Forum Rules (summary)

  • Be friendly.
  • Be respectful of the moderators and of other members.
  • Use English on your posts.
  • Don't spam.
  • Keep your posts signature short.
  • Postcards games (e.g.: tags, swaps, trades, ...) are unofficial activities.

Postcrossing Forum Rules (full)

The Forum code of conduct

  • Be friendly.
  • You are responsible for what you write.
  • English is the official language of the forum. This forum has participants from all over the world, many don’t have English as their first language, so their messages may be a little cryptic sometimes.
  • We do require good behaviour from you. Be respectful of other members, respectful of the forum, and respectful of yourself, and please don't insult anyone. Any repercussions are of your own doing. You should resolve your differences elsewhere.
  • The signature area should not be larger than 6 lines of normal/standard sized text. Colours can be used, but the moderators always reserve the right to not approve a signature if it's too flashy. No graphics are allowed in the signature area, an exception is allowed for very small static flags images. Only English is allowed in the signature area.
  • Make your own copy of important information.
  • U2U is the forum private message system between members. Don't copy & paste text from U2U’s on to the forum unless you have the permission from the other member. The messages are private but can be sent to the moderators if a dispute arises so they can make an informed decision.
  • Only do one message on one topic, don’t put the same message in multiple sections.

What's NOT allowed:

  • No spamming — you will be banned straight away. We have zero tolerance for spammers.
  • No racist, obscene or vulgar comments.
  • No country bashing.
  • No religion or political wars.
  • No abusive, slanderous, hateful and threatening messages in the forum — they will be removed. If the messages continue your account will be banned.
  • No listing of good/bad members names or travelling/expecting lists anywhere in the forum.
  • No Upping. The practice of deliberately making a topic more prominent to draw attention to it by using the word “UP” (or any equivalent), posts with just smileys or any other similar techniques is not allowed.
  • No trades/swaps etc. for CD/DVD's etc unless original discs are being exchanged because of copyright issues in many countries.

Administration and Moderators

  • The Forum is actively moderated.
  • Moderators have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time that they see fit.
  • Messages and topics are regularly maintained and reduced/removed based on their age, activity and/or relevancy.
  • You must comply with the Administrator and Moderators requests. While you do have the right to your opinions and you are free to voice your concerns, the Administration and Moderation team are not required to agree with them and they have the final say.
  • If you are banned from the forum, do not come back under different names. We will notify your Internet Service Provider if you do so.


Many communities have their own area within the forum where they can write in their own language. These areas are supplementary to the main English forums. All forum rules applies to those communities as well.

Forum games

There are many games and activities on the forum. They are there because members wish to extend their enjoyment of postcards and friendship.

Note however that Tags, Swaps, Trades, Round Robins, Exchanges, Notebooks, etc. are all unofficial Postcrossing activities. Any costs involved (postage, postcards, etc) are your own responsibility.

Before participating in any games on the forum, please be aware of the following:

  • Before participating, always read the games rules first and make sure you understand them. There is a description in each section giving the rules of how to play. Do not participate if you are unsure how the game works. When in doubt, always ask questions first - there will be someone who will help you.
  • You will be banned from participating if you are doing it excessively until members receive your items (this applies especially to new members).
  • Do not create new topics for games that are similar to or duplicates of games that already exist. You must look for support from other forum members before you create any new games.
  • If you maintain a game yourself, do it in a responsible way. You are expected to update it regularly (at least every two weeks).
  • No discrimination of any kind is allowed, discrimination in messages will be removed, especially country discrimination — everyone should be allowed to participate. If you see any discrimination, you should report it to the moderators. You can however exclude your own country due to privacy issues. A country is defined as per the 2-letter country codes classification.
  • Honour your promises — if you say you are sending something, then do send it.
  • These games and activities are at your own risk. The moderators and administrators can't help you if you don't receive something that was promised to you. Postcrossing reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other members.
  • Please be honest.
  • You may find that a small percentage of members may not honour their promise to send an item. There is nothing we really can do about them.
  • You can not publicly list good or bad traders anywhere in the forum. We will not have lists of members you have sent to or are expecting from or traders ratings, good or bad.

Advertising/Doing business on the Forum

The Postcrossing Forum is not a buying and selling website.

Some members own a business or webshop: if that is your case, you may do an advertisement in the Off Topic: From the Web links section and a small link in your signature area. Some community moderators may allow a topic in their community and language.

This Forum aims to be a friendly and helpful platform for all postcrossers. We hope the rules above allow you to have the best experience possible. Have fun and Happy Postcrossing!

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