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Author: Subject: sugestion to decrease expired cards
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[*] posted on 22-7-2013 at 02:04 AM
sugestion to decrease expired cards

I am an enthusiast of the Postcrossing project and I am really addicted to sending and receiving postcards. But there is nothing more disappointing in this process than having a card "expired" after 60 days. I recognize that some postal services are too slow (like Russia and China for instance) and even Brazil has a pretty slow postal service. There are some cards that take longer for some reason, but end up being recorded with 70-80 days. One reason that I often observe is that during the summer months, postcrossers travel and do not inactivate their accounts and only register the cards after returning. Such cases I can understand.
But what makes me most upset is a postcrosser who does not receive / send / register any card for a while and has his/her address sent to us. I have three cards travelling in this situation where the postcrosser does not access this profile for 2 months (nor exchange any card) and he will not register my card for sure. This postcrosser does not even answer my messages. I know that it is impossible for you to solve so many issues/ problems in such a so big universe of postcrossers worldwide, with so different interests within the project Postcrossing.
But I would like to suggest a measure that could decrease the number of expired postcards. The postcrossing system would inactivate that account not accessed in 30 days or more. The postcrosser that does not register or send any postcards in a period of a month, his account would be inactive and if he/she decides to return later, he is obliged to reactivate his account.
Think about it, suggest this modification/situation on the blog and on the website, listen to postcrossers’ opinion and let it clear at the site guidelines. I'm sure that those people who for one reason or another are no longer interested in the project, will naturally be “expired”.
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[*] posted on 22-7-2013 at 02:54 PM

Accounts are already set to inactive after a period of time of not logging in - I believe it is a month, but I wouldn't vouch for it.
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[*] posted on 30-7-2013 at 05:17 PM

When some user becomes automatically inactive due to long idle time I'd suggest to mark as 'Expired' all postcards traveling to such user. I don't know if such thing was discussed yet, but I think it is good solution to users who have to send postcard and knows it will never be registered.

Let's imagine this situation:
- User1 sends postcard.
- User1 goes to holiday for long time/decides to quit postcrossing/have many work/etc.. so won't login once more.
- After 30 days postcard arrived and registered
- User2 takes User1 from address pool.
- User2 thinks postcard never be registered because User1 wasn't login for 1 month by this time, and decides to send/not to send postcard.
- After another 30 days User1 becomes automatically inactive, because didn't login for 60 days.
- Postcard of User2 is marked as 'Expired' so User2 won't wait another 30 days to send a new postcard to new user.
- If User1 returns and registers postcard - nothing changes because 'Expired' postcards can be registered the same way.

As I see on Facebook and this forum posts above situation is not very rare. And currently User2 should wait for 60 days totally for postcard to expire to user, who is already inactive.
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